Monday, July 19, 2010


Are you thinking of becoming a singer? It is not an exact science. It only needs drive followed by hard work. No doubt that some people can sing easily than others. To perform dynamically, you need something more than a talent. It is only your interest that can take you long on the road of singing. It hardly matters that whether you are talented or not it is your hard work that will help you out.

To keep practicing is very important, apart from the time you have been singing. It is similar to daily athletes practice. Think of your singing profession like a baseball player and practice it daily. To keep your voice in proper shape, you need to practice lot on basic training exercises.

Another important thing about becoming a singer is to give the best possible live performance. Live performance helps to get you recognized as a professional singer. Routine practice is to be given to your live performance to make it stable.

The other successful key to become a singer is to learn how to market yourself. It is not much enjoyed by the majority of artists but it is considered a essential part in the stages of successful singer. Though grabbing the audience attention is very important but it is more important to bring them to your performance.

Compilation of your “A” set i.e. the collection of your best songs, is very important step in becoming a singer. It should be used during live performances. Before releasing your album, keep in mind not to follow the same series of songs as in your “A” set. In this set, you can add some songs, which are not in the album.

For the good starting, the “A” set, compiled by you should be of approximately thirty minutes long. And as your popularity increases, it can be of 60 minutes or more. Never repeat your songs. It is good when the audience wait for your next release than to upset them with your long performances or to wear out yourself.

Observe the live performances of popular singers keenly. To become a good singer, keep the track of what other do (who stated before you). It needs practice and patience. All these things can help you to improve your performances.

We shall never forget that practice is the key to success. Have the rehearsal of your “A” set as often as you can. To toss together your performances will add negativity to your work.

Always learn to handle your mistakes. It should not be high lightened by the audience. Even if you make any mistake, just pick yourself up and move on smoothly. It is perhaps the key factor in becoming a singer.

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