Monday, July 19, 2010


Every year, in summer the most prestigious tennis tournament renowned as French Open is held in France capital. The tournament duration is almost two weeks starting from mid may till first week of june. French open has a glorious history of more than a century. It is considered to be the best clay court tennis tournament in the world. Due to low pace playing surface, it is the most challenging one for physical strength and skill. The difference of playing surface brings a drastic difference in playing style. French open clay courts and Wimbledon’s grass courts have much different game pace and playing style.

Many players are much successful on a certain surface but not that proficient on the other. Such as Rafael Nadal is the clay court expert and is unmatched at his expertise on clay courts, considered to be the king of French open at this age. But on grass courts, Roger Federer is on the top and has won almost every other singles Grand Slam.

Rafael Nadal was made a landmark in clay court tennis. He has sixty consecutive wins in clay court matches. He was just 15 when he made his first ever victory in professional tennis. In that tennis match, Ramon Delgado was defeated by him and Rafael Nadal was considered to be ninth player younger than age of 16 to win any match in ATP tennis championship. In just one year, het got ranked in the top 100 best singles tennis players of the world. He was the second ever person to achieve this state of eminence.

Nadal was 16 when debuted at glorious court of Wimbledon. He made it till third round. Boris Beckor is another name to be in third round at debut but Rafael Nadal was the youngest one to achieve this level at debut in Wimbledon. By the year of 2005, he was ranked as youngest record holder to be the 5th best player in men’s single tennis world wide.

He is conceivably best recognized for being the victor of French Open on four successive occasions. Pete Sampras made the US Open in his name for the first time when he was aged 19 and Rafael Nadal had been the first teenager to reach this success. His contributions to the tennis sport in form of his performance so far will always be renowned ever and also will provide the future coming young players a vision of excellence.

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