Monday, October 4, 2010


Actually a great million people on earth pay much attention to China partially due to its great influence of comprehensive power over the world. However, still there are a great many people who draw so much attention to her culture. But learning culture is not that easy if you think you are a serious learner.

Certainly not all of the people would like to be a Chinese culture scholar. But if you want to learn more, the best way to go to China for the culture acquisition. When you are in this very nation, you will have to see all sorts of people who come from different parts of China. Thus they must have their own local features that even the Chinese themselves often get confused. Actually this is the most efficient way to learn.

And in China you also can visit some great scenic spots, like the history museum, natural beauties and so on. Truth be told, when you go to the places related to history, you will benefit enormously.

Besides, learning China's culture can be another way. What? Read.

There are about 5000 years for Chinese history, and millions or even billions of books have been compiled about all kinds of things, stories, theories etc. If you really a good learner, and also you have got a very good Chinese reading ability, you had better come to this part.

You don't need others to tell you how great and beautiful of Chinese culture, you just jump yourself into the very environment to experience and explore. This feeling is similar to that which you had for your mother tongue. We speak English, so it is very like you read something wonderful in this language.

Or perhaps you may choose to read in English about Chinese stories. Though this appears very awkward, it is better than you have nothing about Chinese.

However, no matter what measures you take about this culture learning, you need to be careful so that you will detect a lot beautiful but difficult-to-find things when you are in a casual state. And learning Chinese culture will benefit your knowledge as well.

Certainly you may have a look at some software to lay a foundation for your Chinese learning, such as Rosetta Stone Chinese software. So that you will have a better view towards Chinese culture in the long future.

There are all sorts of things for us to learn. I love learning so much and have learned some fields as well. I like writing and reading, hoping I could share something beneficial here with all the partners.

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