Monday, October 4, 2010


Turkey offers a diverse culture, with most of the elements being assimilated through the autonomy empires in the past. The important elements that influence Turkey culture include folk dances, shadow play, cuisine, literature and etc.

Turkey has several folk dances including Izmir and Horon folk dances. Izmir folk dance, also known as Zeybek dances is practiced by the Izmir people. There are two types of Zeybek folk dances including slow and Yoruk Zeybek. The clarinet and drum are the two musical instruments that are used to play the background music of the Izmir dance. If the dance is performed in an indoor building, the baglama instrument is used.

The Horon folk dance is performed during the sin-sin festival celebration. The sin-sin festival celebration celebrates the Sin moon goddess. During the festival, other culture folk dances such as Duz Halay and Bas bar of Erzurum are performed. All the Turkey folk dances have a similar theme, which is courage. The costumes and music help to liven up the community that lives in Turkey.

Turkish literature shows many influences from the Ottoman Empire. In addition, it is influenced by the literature from Persia and Arabia. The Turkish literatures are written by famous authors such as Tevfik Fikret, Yunus Emre, Asik Veysel, and Sinasi.

The Karagoz and Hacivat shadow is a puppet show that involves making movement on the design of the curtain. Two persons will voice the puppets at the back of the stage. It used to be a popular show during the Ottoman period because of the satire accents. Karagoz and Hacivat have different characters. Karagoz is an ordinary man that is trustworthy and straightforward. Karagoz is illiterate and live a simple life. Hacivat is clever and knows how to speak poetic language.

Turkish restaurants serve a large variety of cuisines from around the world. Kebabs are a stewed dishes that are often served at the restaurant. Turkish people like to cook lamb meat for their meals. There are many types of kebabs that the restaurants offer including sis kebab, doner kebab, alanazik and etc. Aubergine is used as the main ingredients in many dishes such as hunkarbegendi. The pilav is a complicated rice dish that is prepared by an experienced chef. Borek is a Turkish pies that is stuffed with potatoes and cheese. The zeytin yaglilar is a dish that is cooked via olive oil. The confectionaries in Turkey are quite famous. Some of the Turkish confectionaries include helva, asure, and kadayif.

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