Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Get In Touch With The Culture Of The First Australians

Australia has a rich and diverse indigenous history that too often gets ignored, mainly due to a lack of exposure. Luckily, there are now an increasing number of ways in which you can experience and take part in indigenous cultural activities. Not only can this increase your awareness of the rich Australian Aboriginal culture, it can be great fun and a truly mesmerising experience.

Below are just a few ways in which you can experience Aboriginal culture for yourself. These exhibitions and activities are operated and designed by indigenous Australians and you can rest assured that they are both authentic and beneficial to the Aboriginal community.

Traditional And Modern Art

One part of indigenous culture that is instantly recognisable to many, is the distinctive style of art work produced by Aboriginal artisans. There are both traditional pieces, which have been created in a traditional style and with age old methods and more modern pieces. The modern work is inspired by the more ancient artwork, but has had a touch of modernity added through the techniques used and the inspiration for the piece.

This style of artwork is famous the world over and has attracted surprisingly high prices at sale and auction. While the rise in popularity and prices for indigenous artwork is a great thing for the local community, it has also given rise to many imitators who claim to be producing authentic artwork, but instead are reproducing cheap replicas. If you wish to view, or even purchase indigenous artwork, you should always ensure you can verify the source of the piece. You should aim to only support truly authentic indigenous artists and craftsmen.


Dance is another medium through which you can experience traditional indigenous culture. Traditionally, dance was used in a number of ways, especially for ceremonial and storytelling purposes. Because the Aboriginal people did not have a means of recording their language in writing, dance was a crucial means of conveying history, folk tales and culture.

Even today, you still have the amazing opportunity to view traditional Aboriginal dances that have their origins in the distant past. This an amazing opportunity to get a glimpse of this culture that cannot be missed.


Along with dance, music was and still is an integral part of indigenous culture. You may already be familiar with some of the more famous Aboriginal instruments, such as the didgeridoo. This instrument in particular has a unique sound and in expert hands it can produce truly stunning music. Much like indigenous art and dance, traditional music also tells a story, steeped in thousands of years of culture. However, there are many modern takes on indigenous music, ensuring that there is a sound to suit almost anyone's musical tastes.

Having An Authentic Experience

To ensure you have an authentic experience, be sure to support one of the many community based centres that have been set up to showcase indigenous culture. These centres are used as a means of supporting and continuing traditional indigenous culture now and into the future. Your patronage can help a little in achieving this noble goal.

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