Friday, December 18, 2015

Learn About Haitian Culture Through Language

Each country has its own culture, a set of traditions that can best explain an impressive number of things. Even though today, the society is completely and utterly influenced by technology, one must not make the mistake of thinking that culture, more specifically traditions are forgotten. Culture is what defines an individual, it is the background on which an individual is built. Maintaining it and persevering it are of a huge importance, as culture is what separates countries. Culture is what has made Europe and any other continent interesting and fascinating through its diversity. Still, the only question which arises is how one can maintain culture. The good news is that there are plenty of ways which permit a people to maintain its culture, but the most important of all is its language. There is no better way of guarding your cultural background other than by promoting your language and preserving it as much as possible. Instead of generally speaking on this topic, it might be a better idea to take an example and discuss on it. Creole classes teach interested students the many secrets of this language and consequently, the history and culture of Haiti.

This example is worth bringing forward, as the Creole language is a direct consequence of the European trading patterns. As expected, there are several types of Creole languages. If you wanted to learn about Haitian culture, then you could definitely discover certain pieces of information simply by looking at the language. It is important to mention that in the end, language is born from necessities and needs. Words have to reflect the needs people had at one point or another. The language continues to evolve, just as the society and culture changes. When it comes to the Haitian society, there is the obvious need to connect members of the same culture once again, given a better, more unified shape to this culture. Many countries have influenced Haiti as time passed, and one of the dangers this country has had to face was that of losing its identity. As a result, today, there are multiple associations that strive to provide interested students with the opportunity of learning the language through Creole classes in the hope of unifying culture once again.

Moreover, the fact that a language is defended by means of its speakers is a greater gain than allowing foreign words to enter your culture. Indeed, there is really no culture that can stand in front of the globalization phenomenon and one of the first consequences is the combination of various languages with English. Still, the native language should not be forgotten and made abstraction of. The language a people decides to speak is the reflection of a culture. This is why one must not lose this great asset. Haiti is a country of great contractions and it would be nice for a change to get to know its real culture and see just what hides behind the commercial image of owned by Haiti. Surely, there are numerous traditions worth discovering.

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