Sunday, December 27, 2015

Planning for Cultural Holidays in Asia

Cultural tourism is an upcoming trend. A cultural tour offers a lot of opportunities to people visiting a new country. New people, new culture, new tradition of different destinations in Asia attracts a lot of adventurous souls across the globe. As a matter of fact, tourists enjoy experiencing new cultural and practices of a different country.

To western tourists, Asia is a land of mystic, religion and spirituality. It had been the cradle of two great religions namely - Hinduism and Buddhism and had also witnessed some great early civilizations. Relics of its glorious past can be seen in the many temples, stupas and pagodas strewn across the length and breadth of the continent.

Cultural holidays in Asia can let you get a glimpse of its vibrant culture. If you want to experience the very essence of Asia select a festive season to plan your holiday. Asia Cultural Holidays that are designed around a festive season of a nation allow you to experience the pomp and show associated with it.

A cultural trip to an Asian nation can be an enthralling experience offering you an opportunity to experience its people and their culture from a close proximity. Whether you decide to visit Thailand or India there would be a wholesome experience waiting for you.

Visiting Thailand on cultural expedition

To the rest of the world Thailand is known as a destination to experience thriving city life with alluring nightlife in its many pubs, bars and clubs. But beside that, Thailand can also offer spiritual experience as you visit its many temples and Buddhist pagodas. A cultural excursion to Thailand is worth taking to explore true Thailand beyond the glam and glitter of Bangkok and Pattaya.
Bangkok has many Buddhist temples - exquisitely carved and colossal in structure. A half-day temple tour would have you completely blown as you travel from one to another.

Visiting Chiang Mai is like taking a step back in time. It served as a capital before the seat was shifted to the city of Bangkok. Thailand Vacation Package to Chiang Mai proposes a tour of its historical remains that declares of a glorious past. Quite contrary to bustling city life of Bangkok, the life in Chiang Mai flows in quaint, unhurried pace. At its heart the city contains much of the uniqueness that Thailand has to offer.

The city houses many temples and places of worship to visit. You can search for some inner-peace in this moated, old city whiles the surrounding mountains maintain a watchful eye over the valley.
A cultural expedition to Asia is enlightening and emancipating given the variety it has to offer. Revealing in its vibrancy will leave a lasting memory in your mind.

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