Saturday, January 2, 2016

Finding the Best Out of Cultural Tours to India

Diversity is apparent in every aspect of India, including its culture. Each state represent a different culture that is interesting in its own way. Many tourists visit India to study the culture and the traditions prevalent in the country. The same can be arranged through tour operators or tailor-made through the many tourism websites. If you are looking for cultural tours in India, it should comprise of visiting the urban cities to the remote villages that lack communication facilities and transportation.

The Diverse Aspects of Culture

Cultural tours to India can be a very interesting affair, especially if you are visiting all the directions. North, East, South and West offer different states that have cultural diversities that are apparent in their festivals, clothing, language, and food. Even changes can be found in the mode of worship they follow. Big cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta and Bangalore can give you the best facilities in the country with most modern eateries, designer shops, five star hotels, class transportation facilities and more. You have more choices and freedom to understand the lifestyle and the culture here. Even the professional culture can be found different from other countries. You can choose to visit the temples and churches here that are frequented by the ardent followers of the religion. The varying religious practices can be very interesting. It is best to follow the specific rules pertaining to temples, if you are visiting any.

Learning the Religious Aspects

If you have chosen North India holidays, visiting the Himalayas and the nearby regions can be quite overwhelming. The cultural practices here are quite different, and most of the people follow Buddhism. You get to visit Buddhist monasteries and temples that speak a lot about the religion and the cultural difference it has with Hinduism. You can even spend your days living amongst the monks, but adhering to the austere principles there. Buddhism speaks a lot about non-violence and humanity, and the monks give insights into practising principles that have spiritual importance in life. You will be given insights on focusing and practising a self-disciplined life without harming the fellow beings either directly or indirectly.

The Food

Food is something that does not disappoint you anywhere you go to India. The brilliant use of spices has been linked to the rich culture and tradition of the country. The use of spices vary from region to region, and every region brings to you a multitude of culinaries that can surprise your tastebuds. Choosing to go to the remote locations visiting the rural life and spending time with the tribals can be a great experience as well. You will get to taste the most exotic and unusual cuisines from both plant and animal varieties. If variety is what you look for, visiting the rural life of South India is the best. If you are on North India holidays, visit Rajasthan for a unique cultural experience.

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