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Art and Culture in Asia

There is a rich cultural heritage in Asia, with numerous ethnicities, countries as well as religions that all shape the human civilization in that part of the world. Music, cuisine, literature, sports and literature shape Asian culture, as well as philosophy and major religions such as Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism.
There are over 600 languages that are spoken in Asia, such that the language is widely classified into families. Major families include Japanese spoken in Japan, Sino-Tibetan which includes Taiwanese, Wu, Tibetan and Cantonese. These languages have been passed down generations through literature such as the 1001 Arabian nights.
The various ethnic groups of Asian descent, all have varying cultures, shaped by the climate, topography as well as technological advances. One of the unique cultures of Asia is shared religion. In East Asia, countries such as Japan, north and South Korea, Taiwan and China have the same religions, which are Taoism and Buddhism, due to their proximity to each other. Other countries such as Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh and India also have large populations of Buddhists, with Hinduism, Sikhism and Jainism also practiced widely.
Martial arts is a distinctive aspect of Asian culture that has been widely appreciated worldwide, thanks to its great health benefits to the body, as well as being popularized by superstar performers such as Jet Li, Bruce Lee And Jackie Chan. Styles of martial arts such as karate from Japan, Taekwondo from Korea and the Chinese kung Fu are an important aspect of Asian culture.
Tea is very important in Asian culture, from China, Malaysia to India. It is a huge part of Asian ceremonies. The art of folding paper, also known as origami, is also a part of Asian culture that is common in Japan and china.
Asian art
Asian art is very rich and diverse, being influenced by the various cultures in this massive region. The Asian peoples value their art a lot since it is a way of preserving their culture and traditions in the face of westernization propagated by years of colonization and modernity. Asian art includes wonderful works of literature like the 1001 Arabian nights. China has also contributed heavily to Asian art, with classical poems and works of art. Other notable works of art include Japanese literature like the haiku form of poetry as well as Persian culture.
Asian art has been influenced by religion, the materials available for shaping their art on as well as history and modernity. Asian art covers pottery, ink painting, as well as manga, which are the modern Japanese cartoons that have proven to be widely popular in all parts of the world. Examples are Ruruoni Kenshin, as well as samurai jack. Ceramics as well as sculptures of Buddha are notable examples of how Asians choose to express themselves using art.
Asia also has unique styles of architecture, inspired by the Islamic and Buddhist religions, as well as traditional ways of building houses. Notable examples of Asian architecture include the Buddhist temples of china, the Great Wall of China as well as Islamic mosques of Pakistan and India.
In a nutshell, art and culture in Asia is as rich and beautiful as in any other part of the world. Indeed, the diversity and large population of the continent means that it is extremely diverse and rich.

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