Monday, May 9, 2016

5 Top Destinations to Visit This Year

1. Botswana
I must say this country is an underrated but there is a whole variety of scenes, culture, and wildlife that people have to discover here. There are national parks which are home to the remaining wilderness of the world. It's a trip for the whole family, honeymoon goers, and adventure seekers. It is absolutely one of the unique choices for yours. For those who want to go on a budget trip, you can check out Moremi Gorge and Tsabong Camel Park and for those who are willing to splurge some bills, you can try their suburban car parking based party clubs!
2. Uruguay
Uruguay may not be the most popular but it is surely still one of the. Sandwiched between two equally great countries, Argentina, and Brazil, Uruguay stands out mostly because of its people hospitable and peace-loving. The safe and quiet Uruguay boasts of pristine beaches blended with fun nightlife like Punta del Este. The Switzerland of America also is the home of Colonia del Sacramento - a UNESCO heritage site you would love to check out and learn more about!
3. Palau
This country is the best especially if you love to dive and interact with the underwater creatures. Palau is a marine affiliated which brings you the experience of being unified with the sea, something that would definitely calm you're and take from your busy lives. You can also stay on the surface and kayak at Rock Islands and get the chance to see the most talked about Jellyfish Lake.
4. Poland
There's a lot more to know about this politically stable destination in the world. Getting here would mean having the luck to witness beautiful buildings that seem to be pulled out from an art painting like the Old Town Hall. You can also take part on an underground adventure at Wieliczka Salt Mine or enjoy the lumber scenes at Bialoweiza Forest. All these experiences you can treasure in one of the best places to visit in the world.
5. Fiji
Holiday destinations are more fun if you meet amicable locals in your chosen destination in the world to visit. Poised with natural charm and beauty, Fiji will surely give you a hearty and versatile vacation. One of their most visited sites is Mamanuca Islands where the floating pizzeria stands but if you can't get enough of ordering pizza on water, you should definitely go to Bounty Islands and try flyboarding - the latest craze in Fiji.
These top five destinations in the world are truly the best places to visit in the world this 2016. It does not have much noise in the popular travel forums, but you would absolutely love the uniqueness and freshness of the experiences you can get from these amazing countries. That's a promise!

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