Wednesday, May 18, 2016

My Trip to Delhi

My trip to Delhi started with the curiosity of our capital the New Delhi. Being an Indian and having India as my motherland, I am yet to revel in the capital of my proud nation. Delhi has always been an important spot in India in all eras. Old Delhi was the capital of Islamic dynasty ruling India, while the New Delhi was developed by the British rule in India. I would call Delhi the phoenix city of India as the history of Delhi revealed that the City has been built, destroyed and rebuilt many times. All right, enough of the boring history class, now it's time to have a Bindass time in Delhi. Bindass is fun in Hindi, I am a believer as the saying, "when in Rome do as the Romans do". Therefore, a little bit of Hindi would not hurt. However, language has never been a barrier in India.
I decided to start my journey with a bit of history into this wonderful city, what's more better than museums to gain knowledge and understanding of this historical city. I strode my way into the archaeological museum in Red fort with objects from the Mughal periods the museum has many objects of historical importance. There is a dedicated section of for the first war of independence 1857.
My next destination was to the Air Force museum at Palam, this place host the engineered marvels of planes that existed in Indian army at various times.
The National Museum of Natural History is a must to visit if children accompany you, even being an adult the life size structure of Dinosaurs was breath taking.
Delhi has an over abundance of museums, if you are a history buff, Delhi will not disappoint you. However, being in my 20's I am not overtly attached to history. My sights are set next on the top of the class movie experience the Capital state of India can offer.
Having spent the previous day in museums, I decided to refresh myself to the trend of the day, and who else is better than to give you fashion pointers than celebrities? Therefore, I decided to have my day for some movies. If you happen to wonder, why would I want to go for a movie on my vacation? You are thoroughly mistaken my friends it is not the movie, but the cinema experience as Delhi hosts several theaters of world-class standards.
DT city Center cinema, an Us-based company boasting one of the best projectors in the world, it's not just the quality of their cinema is well spoken of, their cafeteria has often been the talk of the movie goers here. I plan to treat all my senses in this splendid place.
PVR select Citywalk, this multiplex theater has no need for introductions to the Delhiites. This six-screen conglomerate is well known for its high standards in every aspect to make your cinema experience the ultimate. Each screen boasts over a 1000 seating capacity of which two are gold classes.
After catching couple of movies in these esteemed theaters, I decide to retire myself from the celebrity experience. These movie halls are just the tip of the spear; Delhi boasts numerous top-notch theaters. Inox movies, Fun Cinemas, Wave Cinemas, and Sathyam Cineplex are some of the other esteemed cinema halls the city proudly presents to the movie enthusiast.
Having my previous day filled with recorded entertainment, I want this day's activities to be live entertainment. Delhi is a city well known for its drama plays and musical concerts often by legends of karantic orgins.
Kanmani Auditorium, a 600-seat capacity hall is one of the most prestigious auditoriums in Delhi, having over four decades of history. This hall is said to be one of the best in the country, having many legends performed here. Kathak dancer Deepak Maharaj, Maestro Buddhadev Dasgupta are some of the names to be reckoned, from the list of legendary performers this dignified hall has hosted.
My next stop was a bit of Indo-international experience, to be even precise it is an Indo-Israeli experience. I was amazed to find an auditorium of activities and entertainment dedicated entirely to a foreign culture.
ISRAEL cultural center, more than half a century old was the consulate of Israel in India. Having had a cordial relationship since forever, the Israel cultural center was established to exhibit the cordial relationship between the nations. This cultural center display and explains the Israeli culture by having different activities and shows often performed by intellectuals from Israel. The center even screens movies, during which one can see the center packed with enthusiasts.
Relishing in the activities I take my fill of live entertainment for the day, Delhi has numerous Auditoriums and live entertainment halls for musical and drama enthusiasts. Agha Khan hall, Aifacs Auditorium, Akshara Theatre, Ambedkar Auditorium and Amercian centre are some of the live entertainment center's the city provides.
Having my days spent in seated repose, I am all set for my day with loud music and dance. If you are guessing pub or a discotheque, then you are right at both the guesses. I am hitting a pub for some drinks in calm until it's late, what about later? Of course, I am going to shake the alcohol away.
POLO lounge, having a western setting and experience of an English pub, it's is a sophisticated spot to have you drinks in calm or to move yours limbs for the smooth vibes of the pub music. The atmosphere is not blaring, yet not boring the least. I would suggest having least one drink in this elegant place.
My next stop is of amphibian interests, if the science geeks grimace thinking of frogs, you are right again, Blue frog is my next stop in my night to the next level party. Blue frog is said to be the host of many crazy partying patriots. I decide to shake myself to the blasting boom of the speakers with a couple of hot women in each of my arm, which makes four in total. Yes, I am greedy in women and food*chuckle*. There is a local saying that because of being opposite to this party-paradise even Quitab Minar leans a little drowsy from just looking at the flowing booze and boom of speakers all night.
Thus, my Delhi days come to an end, I regret a bit having my vacation to be finished, but memories would lose value if they were an everyday affair. Chastising myself, I bring back my cheery self to say a beaming bye to this splendid city.

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