Thursday, August 18, 2016

Cheap Beach Holidays

Cheap holidays to Florida; sounds like a dream! You really can enjoy cheap family holidays if you take your time and plan, plan, plan. So how can you do this you may ask? Well here are some handy tips that may make this dream into a reality:
- Try visiting a few state parks instead of water parks.
- Picnicking as opposed to eating in a restaurant at every meal.
- Try a hotel which is slightly out of the main area as the rates are better and often you learn from the locals some really interesting things to do that are fun and inexpensive.
There are loads of fun activities that are free in the great state of Florida. If you look in the right places you will find the museums, nature walks and town festivals that are free and fun for the whole family. Of course no one wants to spend their whole vacation trying to save money, but if you plan more carefully there will be plenty of fun things to do. And the activities that you decide to spend your money on will be even more memorable for the whole family.
If your holiday is not one for the family but one for you and your partner, a cheap Caribbean holiday is maybe something that would appeal to you. Caribbean dollar signs don't have to start to roll in your head as there is a way in which you can plan in advance and save a significant amount on a Caribbean holiday. The trick to this is to start planning as early as possible. A few things that you can do are:
- Plan your visit during the off season as it is possible you will save the most money over all and it's beautiful all year round in the Caribbean.
- Buy your souvenirs at retail shops instead of tourist shops. I've found that the local super market usually have the exact same t-shirts as the tourist shop for half the price.
- Venture out and don't get attracted by the tourist norm; it's more romantic and definitely cost less. Some of your fondest memories will come from venturing out.
Believe it not, cheap beach holidays can exist!
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