Tuesday, August 30, 2016

South Africa's Nature Parks

South Africa has over 20 national parks and a numerous provincial and private parks. The oldest and best known is the Kruger National Park. Being the one of the largest game reserves in Africa it covers 18,989 square kilometers (7,332 sq mi).The Kruger park can be entered through nine gates. Overall the park has 21 rest camps, 2 private lodge concessions and 15 safari lodges. Despite of being the most popular national park in South Africa, the visitors still can experience the untouched wild Africa. The nine tourist trails that lead throughout the park. The Kruger Park features 147 mammal species and 517 species of birds.
The second most popular national park in South Africa is Table Mountain. Situated in Cape Town, the park is well known for its distinct landmarks - The Table Mountain and the Cape of Good Hope. Unlike other parks the Table Mountain National Park is not a single continuous area, thus the parks 221 km2 are divided in three separate sections: The Table Mountain Section; The Silvermine-Tokai Section; Cape Point Section. The park is well known for its tourist attractions - Table Mountain Cableway, colony of African Penguins on Boulders beach and the scenic Cape Point and The Cape of Good Hope.
Situated near Port Elizabeth is the Addo Elephant National Park. Currently the park houses about 450 elephants and a large number of other mammals. The parks 1,640 km2 (630 sq mi) feature a main camp with accommodations and other facilities and 4 tourist rest camps along with 4 camps that are run by concessionaires.
Namaqua National Park is semi-desert, with hot and dry summers and cold winters with variable, generally sparse rainfall. Located in the north western part of South Africa this park has an area of 700 km2 (270 sq mi). It also features the largest concentration of succulent plants in the world. The park's main tourist attraction is the spring flower bloom. The parks tourist facilities include a 5 km long scenic route, information centre, and walking routes. As well there are places to picnics.
Featuring the Africa's southernmost tip - the Cape Agulhas, the Agulhas National Park is a good place for whale watching. The whale watching season starts in November and ends in January. The park has one of the smallest areas - 20,959 hectares (51,790 acres) among South Africa's National park.
The Golden Gate Highlands National park is best known for its awe inspiring landscape and numerous paleontology finds. The park's main attraction is the golden, ochre, and orange-hued deeply eroded sandstone cliffs and outcrops, especially the Brandwag rock. Also numerous caves and shelters in the cliffs feature San rock paintings. The park is located Free State, Republic of South Africa, near the Lesotho border.

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