Sunday, September 18, 2016

Art And Culture In Africa

When referencing the artistry alone, it is very geographically specific. The Northern African region is categorized in a genre that is often referred to inside of the Middle East and Arab part of the world. An example would be The Art of Ethiopia, of which, there is also a distinction in religion or spirituality.
Additionally, that particular part of the African continent is renown for its own expression, mores, and ways of doing things. This is important because it is necessary to understand that this part of the world's view is very unique and has a continentally divisive approach to most things. This distinction speaks directly to the difference between "the black African" peoples and the "non-black African" peoples; the Sub-Saharans being "the black African" peoples or those not in the northern parts of the African continent.
Even with the aforementioned distinction, this particular expression, outlined here, is still so vast and greatly diverse. Yet, with all of its diversity, there is much similarity. These diversities and similarities are up to the beholder. The beholding can be found in masks, in textiles, and even in sculptures made of wood, bronze, and other resources.
With such diverse artistic expression, many pieces served purposes of fulfilling the needs of a society or community for the purpose of unity, worship, and spirituality. The assembling of the people often called for such pieces in different types of festivals, celebrations, or some type of rites of passage. It is typical that artistry has been woven into each part of their culture in the various celebrations of life.
Such celebrations are in marriage, fertility, giving birth, or just a change of the season. It is woven into their clothing, their accessories, their music and their dance. These events do not often occur without the acknowledgement of a supreme being.
The spirituality and religions of such peoples is a great part of these discoveries. While this continent is arguably the home of primal religion, its presence is evident in every expression, seemingly. Their seems to always be an association to God, the gods, or any power mightier than the people, directly or indirectly. It can be observed in a sculpture or in a dance. It can be witnessed in the sound of a drum or even in the making of a drum. It can be discovered in a call or chant while the words are spoken through a hand-carved mask.
Every part of life comes together, the good and the bad work together in order to survive and live. The African continent is filled with artistic expression that seems to come out naturally. Art and culture go coexist in the heartbeat of every one of its nations. It is the most authentic part of their existence to this day.

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