Saturday, September 24, 2016

Art And Culture In Algeria

As is common with human beings all around the world, religion is an important part of the life of the residents of this nation. Islam is the major religion with a minor percentage of the population practicing Christianity and an even smaller portion belonging to other minority religious practices. Religion plays a huge role in shaping the behavior of the population in their day to day activities and as a result their culture.
The most popular language in the country is Arabic while a small fraction speaks French and Berber dialects. However, as a result of colonization by France, the French language is found to be used for teaching as well as commercial reasons. Therefore, the art scene of the people is mainly in the Arabic as well as French languages.
This nation is known all around the world for its rich and intricate artwork. There are plenty of galleries to view the work of Algerian artists which can also be found in the bustling markets along the streets. Masterpieces can be found in the national galleries from world renowned artists. The art sector is alive and well in this country.
Music is also another powerful tool that influences the way the population goes about their life. The most popular type of music is pop with a fusion of their traditional folk music. There are plenty of musicians who have succeeded in spreading their type of music all around the world and making the music of the country known. Classical type of music is also very popular and widely listened to.
Literature is also a great influencer in the culture of the people of this country. In spite of the French influence upon it there is still a distinction between French and their Arabic literature. The country has brought forth writers of great repute as well as inspiring other renowned writers who have been affected by the culture of the country.
The people of this country are known to be very hospitable and welcoming to guests. The highly value etiquette and good manners and their customary greeting is to kiss the hands and fingertips of a person that they have been introduced to for the first time which is a sign of respect. Their tradition demands that they invite guests into their home even when they have nothing to offer to them. Their work ethic is also very admirable and work is a core principle in their life.
Occasions that are highly regarded among the people include religious celebrations but more so weddings and the celebration of the New Year. Art and culture in Algeria is a core aspect in the life of its people whereby their daily lives are entailed. Scores of tourists visit the country to appreciate the way of life as well as the history of these people.

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