Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Art And Culture In Europe Point To The Future

European countries owe a strong debt to Greece and, to a lesser extent, Rome. Greece, in particular, has a strong Eastern influence, and these have been duly carried through to the rest of the continent. A visit to Italy and Greece reveals much of the basis for the Western civilization.
Italy has played a much larger part in influencing the art of this region in more modern times, and there is much to see. The Romans were amazing engineers, and this propensity has carried through in the amazing architecture of that country. Politically, the influence of Ancient Rome still affects the World through such institutions as the Roman Catholic Church.
Through their history as colonial Powers, the cultural influence of the various countries of this area has spread widely, with America being most strongly influenced by England, France, and Spain. These influences helped shape the destinies of many other countries, for better or worse. Visiting the appropriate countries can help understand those influences.
With modern technology these influences are becoming distributed to such an extent that there is a danger of losing sight of your roots. Many Americans seek their roots in Africa, but the countries of Europe have also played a major role in what is now a common heritage. Until you visit this area, you cannot realize the debt owed to this part of the World.
The Northern countries share a culture with different roots to those from around the Mediterranean, but which still owes a lot to them. England was the leader in Industrialization which created a powerhouse economy. By visiting this country you can still see some of the relics of early industrial efforts. The art of this island also reflects this reality, as well as a love of its natural beauty.
Generally, the climate and ecology has played a part in shaping a national character. This has influenced many of the political decisions and the history of each nation, as well as the art. With a common economy, these influences are being reduced, and the continent is possibly becoming blander, especially under the influence of strong International brands.
By studying the art and culture in Europe it is possible to get an idea of what made these countries what they are, and how the world is becoming more unified, with better cross-cultural understanding. Only by appreciating the reasons for differences can it be possible to take the best aspects and build on them. This will make it possible for the whole world to find a common purpose and understanding, and work together for the common good.

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