Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Why Our Culture Does Not Deal With Art

Schools consider art an aside from intellectual activity. Once a college major is chosen, course selection becomes more constricted. This constricted view sees imagination as a weakness. Social conversation respects and rewards precision of thought. The professional world rewards "critical thinking."
There is a whole world of emotion beyond this thinking. Think of a joyous moment in your life. It was driven by emotion, not critical thinking. In evolution, emotion came to early humans long before modern thinking. Emotion drives evolution, then and now, even on a personal level. We find happiness in emotion. Music, movies and literature are industries based on emotion. I think it's clear that emotion is in play when we choose political candidates.
In all of this emotion in popular culture, fine art is a niche, but it's becoming less of a niche every year. Millennials enjoy a variety of group social activity. The art gallery scene is a vital part of this activity. Think of art as psychic antifreeze which helps you find you true SELF.
The culture does a good job of stimulating activity, but it's not so friendly to individual reflection. We are all on our own. If you are not accustomed to reflecting, your first finds will be a void. Fine art can help in filling that void.
As a medium of reflection, fine art competes with the powerful mass media aimed at group audiences. The ultimate goal of fine art is to stimulate individual reflection. Fine art hanging on a wall of a home or apartment is a powerful statement of the obscure. What is "a powerful statement of the obscure?" Sounds like an oxymoron.
Well, make you heart diffuse enough to excite your imagination and bring about change. Find a world of fine art that has been waiting for you. Fine art takes you to a land of confusion that leads to resolution.
This is not la la land thinking. It is basic to the primitive brain which guides us in more ways than we imagine. We have been using this primitive brain for millions of years compared to modern thinking of a few centuries.
When you consider fine art, relax your modern objective striving brain. Let that primitive brain guide you. This primitive brain has guided us a lot longer than our modern brain.
When you walk into a gallery, pretend you are a Paleolithic human looking, for the first time, at the art wonders of paintings on a cave wall. The lighting in your gallery will be better than the cave, but both are examples of art filling a vital human need. Humans have always needed art and reflection it engenders you to contemplate the active side of life, whether that activity be killing a wooly mammoth... or completing a spreadsheet.

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