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Art and Culture in South America - And the World

Art and Culture in North America
Diverse - this probably characterizes the works of art in North America. Considered the melting pot of different cultures, we see works of art in various forms. The Northwest boasts the wonderful sight of totem poles; the Southwest regions offer the sight of figurines like the notable Kachina dolls; the arctic regions are known for its masks; and in the southwest, sand painting and pottery are famous. All of these art forms reflect the kind of culture that sustained the people who lived to create something spectacular.
Art and Culture in Europe
Rich - the right word to describe the works of art in Europe. Considered as the center of artistic revolution, Europe is home to the renowned paintings, sculptures, architecture, music, books, plays, and natural wonders. The Coliseum, the Stonehenge, and St. Peter's Basilica is only a few examples of how great Europe was in history. Until today, works of arts serve as remnants of the continent's colorful past.
Art and Culture in Asia
Magnificence - a term that may even be an underestimation when it comes to the architectural feats of the Asian continent. In the Islamic world, famous mosques create a panoramic skyline. Equally remarkable are the Buddhist stupas, Chinese pagodas, and the Hindu temples. In the Indus regions, figurines and seals abound. The unique eyes of early Asians also boast naturalistic images of bird and flowers. When it comes to handicraft, the Ming ceramics are precious to behold. This breadth of artistry illustrates the sort of early civilizations around the world who took to the arts in order to preserve their historic identities.
Art and Culture in Australia
Mesmerizing - a word that captures the spirit in the arts in the Oceania. In Australia, paintings by early settlers animate rocks and caves. In Melanesia and Polynesia, cloth painting is very much alive in clothing called the "tapa." The meeting houses built by the Maoris speak about the history of the continent's native people. And who would forget the enigmatic statues gracing the coasts of Easter Island? These art forms bring life to history that only the ocean waters have witnessed.
Art and Culture in South America
Mystifying - a word fit to describe sights like the Nazca Lines, the Tiwanaku, Machu Picchu, and Chan Chan. Considered works of arts, these were created through a succession of cultures starting from the Chavins, Nazcans and Moche cultures, the Tiwanaku-Waris, the Chimu, and the Inca cultures. Such are perfect sights to behold that their mystical qualities equally match the rich culture of the continent's most famous people: the Incas. It animates, it brings delight, and it educates. These are characterizations of the effects of arts. And as long as these works continue to exist, our minds will continue to be in awe.

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