Sunday, March 15, 2020

Culture Awareness

Where you are from has a great part on what defines you as a person. Different places have different cultures, and these cultures mold the society and every person that has become a part of it. Culture is defined as something that a person or a whole civilization mostly agrees upon as what is excellent in matters such as arts, manners, foods and ways of living. Transmitted from one generation to the next, there are pieces of the whole entity that could somehow be replaced or added as culture evolves. However, these changes will still be justified by the norms and values that the society builds around it.

There are situations when a person or a group of people leave their cities or even countries to migrate. In these cases, when the cultures disagree in large scales, or when there are certain barriers such as language or races, it is only normal to experience a phase where one needs to adjust. Sometimes, it is never easy to adopt the ways which are foreign and new especially when it comes to foods with different consumers.

How can we avoid culture shock? Since it is a problem that originates from being estranged in a current settlement and a new society to adjust to, the simplest and most available form of solution is preparing for what you will have to put yourself into. If you plan to migrate, you have to study and learn the people, their tradition, their language, and enjoy their food. These four are at the top of the list of being significant.

In the first phase of your immersion to a new culture, you will probably be more amazed than anxious. You will be curious about all kinds of stuff such as the new kinds of food, fashion, architecture, and a lot more that you find different from what you were used to. For instance, in cases where language becomes a barrier, this is one aspect that requires the greatest effort from one who is trying to embrace a new society to belong to, but one of the easiest way to understand one's culture is through what they consume and the preparations that come along with it.

There are a lot of available options that will help you overcome culture shock. With the wide developed technology of our generation, learning new stuff and preparing for new things has been already made easy. What you need to know, you will instantly acquire in just a click of a button. You just have to find the determination to be armed for what is ahead.

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